Our garden

It’s the pits…or life’s a beach

IMG_1032When we moved in to our new garden two months ago we inherited a giant cat toilet sandpit. It was an instant hit with the under-gardeners who have spent many an hour happily digging out feline faeces and hunting for dinosaur bones (Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures has a lot to answer for). Given the not entirely sanitary state of said garden feature, I recently enlisted the help of the deputy under-gardener to dig out the old sand and replace it with new. We felt like we were starring in our own episode of Time Team as we puzzled over what the pit was actually built for. Too shallow for a pond, at its base is a mysterious and irregular pattern of slabs: was it intended as a fire pit, flowerbed, something to bamboozle future occupants, or in fact, a sandpit. And who knew how many bags of play sand it would take to fill the blighter. Six bags and you can still see the bottom. Plus, most of that has now been spread around the patio. Still, it saves me taking the under-gardeners to the beach this summer. We now have one at home.

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