Our garden

August garden

They say you should live with a garden for a year before making any changes, so I have done very little in our new garden this summer other than a bit of deadheading and weeding in the few snatched moments that the school summer holidays permit.

But in between stopping the Under-under-gardener from ingesting the poisonous berries of the Lords and Ladies that were populating our garden when we moved in (I thought I had removed all of the Arum italicum  but he found the last remaining specimen) and supervising the screaming under-gardeners on our new trampoline (how to make yourself popular with the neighbours), I have been planning how to turn our magical but slightly overgrown and neglected garden into the garden of my dreams.

A previous gardener combined orange Crocosmia and purple Nepeta with striking effect in the herbaceous border next to the terrace. I have added a Verbena bonariensis this summer and wonder if it is too soon to lift and divide it for more plants next summer?
I love this purply-blue Hibiscus.
This is going to be our veg patch next year – watch this space.
Our abundant fig tree. Sadly July rains washed off all the fruit. Now we need to take the pruning shears to it before it takes over the garden.
This is where I am planning a magical den for the under-gardeners.
Move over Rivendell – this is going to be our last homely house.
Hoping these apples will be ready to eat when we get back from our hols.
This little gem has flourished since I weeded around it, but I don’t know its name.
Another dwarf apple tree – unfortunately the under-under-gardener has already picked all the apples for target practice 😟
Our shed. There are possibilities here once I have persuaded the Non-gardener to clear out the rat droppings. For some reason he doesn’t seem keen.
This old compost bin needs a bit of TLC.

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