Our garden

How many bulbs does it take to…?

 In an ideal world I would spend a large portion of my waking hours in the garden, but pesky kids and work keep getting in the way. The bulbs I ordered have been sitting accusatorily in their box on the dining room table for a fortnight. So on Sunday morning when the sun had burned off some of the October cold, I seized my chance and hot-footed it out to plant some bulbs – 120 of them to be precise. Never has a woman planted so many bulbs at such speed – making sure to bury them at 3-4 times their own size. I worked up quite a sweat, which meant I didn’t feel so bad about missing out on a morning run. The front garden we inherited has plants and shrubs of every hue except red and orange, so I have opted for yellow Narcissus ‘Cheerfulness’, blue grape hyacinths and ‘Yellow Flag’ and ‘Purple King’ tulips (or should that be the other way round?) to add to the blue and white Iris reticulata ‘Clairette’, dainty blue Chioniodoxa and purple snakeshead fritillaries I have already planted. I am waiting until November to plant up pots of tulips in bright burgundy reds and fashionable blush shades.

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